EA Sports Ends Tiger Woods Relationship

EA Sports have dropped Tiger Woods as the face and name of their flagship golf series after a massively successful 15 year-long partnership.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Is No More

EA Sports first used Tiger Woods to promote their PGA Tour video games way back in 1998. After millions of games sold across numerous video game platforms and generation that relationship has been finally ended.

Sales of the Tiger Woods golf games have been dwindling over the last few years but it’s hard to tell whether this has anything to do with the well-known scandal the star endured in the winter of 2009 or is it because the game has been only receiving minor updates with each yearly release.


Either way EA Sports stood by their man through the dark times but cracks have been becoming apparent over the last few years. First Rory Mcllroy was added to the cover alongside the star and EA have already decided against releasing a golf video game this year in order to focus on the next generation of consoles.

EA Sports End Tiger Woods Partnership

After raking in nearly over 750 million dollars for the EA , they have finally decided to cut the cord with the golf superstar.

“EA Sports and Tiger Woods have also made a mutual decision to end our partnership, which includes Tiger’s named PGA Tour golf game ” said EA’s head of golf games, Daryl Holt.


“We’ve always been big fans of Tiger and we wish him continued success in all his future endeavors.”

EA To Take Golf Title In New Direction

After parting company with Tiger the publisher also used the press opportunity to show the first few screenshots of the newest golf game they have been working on. There seems to have been significant graphical upgrade from previous version as they harness the full power of the next generation consoles.

Rather cryptically Holt hinted that the game will also be taking a new direction after apparently stagnating in recent years.


“EA Sports golf fans have always loved authentic courses and players, but they’ve also asked for more choice and customization in how and where they play. We’re working on a new approach,” Holt said.

Will we see Tiger Woods as a playable character in the game itself? Well wait and see!

Published: Monday, November 4th, 2013 Last Modified: November 4, 2013

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