EA promising sports favourites to make impact on next-gen consoles

EA have announced that four of their supremely popular sports titles will be making an appearance on the next generation of homing consoles with more expected to follow.

EA set for the start of the next gen

Having EA onside is always important for new consoles and it has been factor in the success and failures of various consoles throughout the years. The SEGA Dreamcast for example never recovered from EA withdrawing support for the console and the downgraded Wii ports of last generation also turned off hard-core sports fans.


They have confirmed however that they will be bringing their sports favourites to the next generation and they will feature a new engine set to make most of the new hardware.

EA favourites return

So far NBA Live, FIFA, Madden and UFC have all been announced and confirmed which will be sure to please hard-core sports fans who revelled in the online multiplayer action the last generation brought to these games.

Those games will feature the much anticipated Ignite engine that we first told you FIFA 14 was set to use but some games like NHL and Tiger Woods had yet to be announced as using this engine or featuring for a next gen console.


At E3 Frank Gibeau – EA labels president – put fans fears at rest and explained that each game will have their own team and guidelines to meet and told us we can “rest assured that you’ll see the full EA Sports line-up over the course of gen 4.”

Tiger Woods fans will have a little longer to wait however as the series will be taking a “year off” due to limited resources. Good news for basketball fans however as the NBA Live series will be back and the plan is for it to be compete with the 2K version of the sports and win back the customers it has lost since its last release in 2009.


Quality releases expected from the beginning

EA sports game made a poor start to the last generation with many people commentating on the fact that the demos and build up promised much and failed to deliver. This lead to a lot of trial and error among early iterations before they struck gold later on with the impressive FIFA , NHL, Madden and Tiger Woods series.

This time round the head of EA Sports – Andrew Wilson – has claimed that because of the Ignite engine there will be great sports games right from the off as the development teams have had time to work and develop alongside the new hardware instead of starting with a blank canvas.


So all in all plenty to get excited about for sports fans – keep checking in as we continue to cover the latest developments of all sports games hitting the next generation consoles.

Published: Friday, July 5th, 2013 Last Modified: July 5, 2013

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