E3 2013: Xbox Durango Chip Shortages Mean We Could See The Next Xbox In 2014

Xbox Durango Chip Shortages_thumb4 Microsoft is expected to announce the next-generation Xbox in 2013 at E3 in Los Angeles.

A recent report, however, suggests that chip shortages could lead to the console releasing in 2014, though that could have been the date anyway.

Chip shortages for AMD chips in the next-generation Xbox could mean we’ll see the console in 2014

Xbox Durango Chip Shortages

If you’re preparing for the launch of the next-generation Xbox in 2013 you may have to reconsider. Ship shortages for the console may mean the Durango Xbox isn’t arriving until 2014 according to industry analysts.

Semi Accurate published the original report; it claims the Oban chip production is painfully low. SemiAccurate suggested the delay could be up to eight weeks. It didn’t say when the console was scheduled to launch but a delay seemingly suggest a holiday 2013 launch was intended. A launch around Black Friday would be the perfect opportunity to drive sales though could equally results in quick shortages. Then massively inflated price on eBay follow.

Outspoken gaming analyst Michael Pachter claimed Microsoft is adjusting the launch strategy until 2014 to accommodate gamer demand. We’re not sure what Pachter means; however, he said Spring 2014 versus Winter 2013 is a better launch period. If he’s basing that on the probability of less releases then he’s right. Though I’m sure Microsoft wants to aim for a holiday 2014 release as Sony may also launch for the period where sales will be high. Xbox 360 sold out during its 2006 Christmas debut.


The launch date between late 2013 and early 2014 may not be as important as delivering at E3 2013. We have seen with Nintendo the importance of a successful console presentation and not focusing on non-game content. Ultimately users will want something to play that shows the jump in technology, not the next version of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft consistently remains quiet on the launch of the next-generation Xbox. Rumors during the earlier part of 2012 prompted Microsoft into saying that it understand the anticipation for the next Xbox, but is firmly focused on Xbox 360. That’s understandable considering the console’s record sales.

Nintendo is hosting an event in New York tomorrow for Wii U and is expected to reveal the price and release date the console.

Published: Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 Last Modified: September 11, 2012

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