E3 2013: MSFT Teases Announcements During E3 on Monday June 10th

On a post by Major Nelson, who is Microsoft Xbox’s social liaison and most popular game player on the Internet, a teaser and announcement was made surrounding the upcoming announcements by Microsoft during E3.

In the announcement, it makes room for an exciting E3 ahead.

With the E3 show coming up next week in Los Angeles, the video game world comes together to announce the latest hardware releases and games for consoles and PC’s. But this year, Microsoft with its Xbox One and Sony with its Playstation 4 is prone to be a wonderful E3 ahead.

Xbox One Coming Up at E3

During the Xbox Reveal event a few weeks back, Microsoft made the initial announcements about the Xbox One, but it left many gamers and experts wondering about the upcoming games for the console. On Monday, Microsoft has a 9:30am PST press conference scheduled which should blow the lid off the upcoming games for the Xbox One.

Major Nelson Hosting One-Hour Show From E3

Those who love the Xbox and Microsoft know Major Nelson, and during the E3 show, he will be hosting an hour long show from the E3 floor each day. It will be broadcast on Xbox Live, Xbox.com, and Spike TV during the three days of E3. It is anticipated that he will have exclusive guests, game designers, and interviews with game companies surrounding the Xbox One games ahead.

Major Nelson Making Special Appearance in LA

Another tidbit announced by Microsoft and Major Nelson, was his upcoming appearance during the Microsoft Store in Century City during E3 on Monday Night. What makes this date so special, is that this will be the first public appearance of the Xbox One and anyone is able to view it in person. This is the premiere of the Xbox One outside of the Reveal event.

It is set to be a full week of press announcements, events, and presentations by Microsoft and its partners surrounding E3, and it is an exciting time to be a video gamer and Microsoft fan. With the Xbox One, it’s upcoming games, and hundreds of game announcements coming during E3, it will make gamers lose sleep thinking about the Microsoft Xbox One and its future. Hopefully, they will announce the price and release date as well.

Published: Sunday, June 9th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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