E3 2012: Nintendo Developing “Concept Grand Prix” Game

Concept Grand Prix Racing Game

Nintendo is aiming for the big boys in the racing genre with a game titled “Concept Grand Prix”, to be shown at the E3 2012

Called Concept Grand Prix, the racing game aims to go “extremely realistic”

Forget Mario Kart, because Nintendo is prepping a realistic racing sim according to Dual Pixels. Described as a “killer app” for the Wii U, Nintendo seems to be going all out ahead of this year’s launch.

The game doesn’t have an official name according to the site’s source, but is codenamed Concept Grand Prix. The game is apparently being developed by Lucid Games, which is made up of ex-developers from Bizzare Creations – the developers of games such as Project Gotham Racing and Blur.

The report says that Concept Grand Prix is aiming for extremely realistic graphics, with controls and physics similar to PGR’s. Players begin in Research and Development, building cars from concept provided by manufacturers. Players use the Wii U’s tablet to customize everything, from the car’s spark plugs to plastics on the finish. After the first vehicle is finished, it’s put through R&D tests which was compared to Gran Turismo’s licensing system.

Marketing approach

The source also says Concept Grand Prix will be community-centric, aimed at car enthusiasts. The developers may host a contest to promote the game, and are hoping that real life car manufacturers use designs from the game. Perhaps that will tie into the marketing campaign, as a way of showing off the game’s deep customization options.

Multiplayer in the game will feature monthly challenges; an example given is developing cars to pass downloadable R&D tests, which sounds pretty neat, and will allow players to dive into the customization options. Races will support up to 12 players, and points are collected by by creating cars and racing in them for the company.

The game also won’t support licenses, unlike Gran Turismo and Forza. Perhaps Nintendo can’t obtain all the high-profile license, so decided to include none, and instead is letting players come up with card designs. I actually prefer this, as the game allows players to really push the game and make incredible designs that couldn’t be done in real life. It also gives a sense of mystery to cars when racing against them.

According to Dual Pixels we can expect the game to be announced around E3 2012.

Published: Thursday, April 12th, 2012 Last Modified: April 12, 2012

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