E3 2011 Skyrim Gameplay Video On XBOX 360

Oi! Bethesda really lived up to their promises. Skyrim looks like it can easily become the best game of 2011. 100% pure epicness.

Skyrim E3 2011 Gameplay Video

Skyrim will allow you to play either from a first person view or from a third-person view. Dual-wielding weapons is now possible.

The final game will have over 150 dungeons to explore. You can play how you want to, as a thief, as a meatsheild, mage, archer and so forth.

Dragons will play a major role in Skyrim. When you kill a dragon, you absorb their soul and learn new “words of power”, basically a way to get new abilities.

Of course, Skyrim will also have a storyline .. but the great thing about The Elder Scrolls games is that you don’t even have to complete ANY main quests at all and still spend hundreds of hours in the game, because it’s so much fun to explore the dungeons and level your character.

Anyway, here’s the Skyrim gameplay trailer. VERY, VERY good footage. Thank you Spike TV:

Published: Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 Last Modified: June 7, 2011

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