E3 2011: Prototype 2 Trailer and Gameplay Walkthrough

Prototype 2 takes a villainous turn. Here is the Prototype E3 2011 trailer and gameplay walkthrough video for all fans.

E3 2011 Trailer

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Gameplay Walkthrough

The classic power trip

Alex Mercer was the classic video game hero who seemed unaware of his power choosing to follow the orders of his sister instead of taking control of the kingdom on its own. However, this all changes in Prototype 2 when Mercer seems to finally take the reign and discover that being in charge can be a lot of fun, but unfortunately the power goes to his head and soon he is a tyrant ruling the land that now must be saved from his hands before it is completely destroyed. In other words: a clear story of power gone to the head.

Enter a new hero

Of course, the Prototype series is all about living out the power fantasy; which means that someone else must be on hand to step up and take the power back. In this instalment of the series gamers meet Sergeant James Heller, a veteran of the army who is still mourning the loss of his family who has died as a result of the Blacklight Virus. Although he may look like a classic hero without too much to say about his design, he is without a doubt given a strong enough reason to want Alex Mercer dead.

Are we ready to see Mercer go bad?

While it can be a bit dangerous to turn a hero into the villain of the game after only one instalment, producer Ken Rosman explained that Mercer was not meant to be a continual character of Prototype and in the next title the star of the plot will be the virus that continues to wipe out the kingdom. He added that the real thrill is going to be watching how it infects people and how they respond.

What to expect

Like the original, Prototype 2 is set in New York, but you will not recognize the scenes given the fact that now the city looks like an apocalyptic landfill with disease and mutants pretty much everywhere you look. The city is divided into zones based on the traffic light system with red being areas that are horribly affected and from there logically lessened in destruction. What is stunning are the graphics and how many people fit into the backgrounds creating a stunning game world that you can move around in relatively simple as you hunt down Mercer and fight the corruption that he created.

Release Date: Sometime in 2012

Published: Monday, June 6th, 2011 Last Modified: August 7, 2013

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