E3 2011: No New XBOX 720 Rumors (Yet)

Microsoft has NOT announced any plans for a XBOX 720 at the E3 2011 – yet. Nintendo will reveal the Wii 2, but what is Microsoft up to?

E3 2011: XBOX 720 Rumors

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When it comes to the most popular gaming consoles, almost everyone knows about Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Released in November of 2005 in the United States, it quickly grew to be one of the best selling game consoles on the market. Since then, it has had many upgrades and changes. Is it possible that now Microsoft is going to release a completely new gaming console?

What Is the Xbox 720?

Xbox 720 rumors state that the Xbox 720 is going to be a new gaming system to replace the Xbox 360, released sometime between 2012 and 2014. This new gaming console will feature new specifications according to various sources, including 3D capabilities, better HDTV connectivity, and more motion controls that are similar to the current Microsoft Kinect. According to current speculations, the Xbox 720 is already in production by Microsoft, although nothing official has been released about the product yet.

Microsoft’s Stance on the Xbox 720

While there are many Xbox 720 rumors, there has been no official statement or release date for the new gaming system. In fact, Microsoft has yet to even acknowledge whether or not the system even exists! While it is likely that there are plans for a new gaming system in the future, right now Microsoft seems focused on pushing their newest addition to the Xbox 360 – the Kinect. It seems that Microsoft hopes that the motion controlled Kinect experience will help the Xbox 360 to keep selling, so there will be no need to release a new system right away.

Nuggets of Truth Amid the Rumors

Among all of the Xbox 720 rumors out there, how can people pick out the true facts from the myths? Here are some things we have heard from Microsoft about the supposed next generation system. Microsoft has said that they are thinking about a successor to the Xbox 360. However, it is unnamed at this point, and there is no inkling from the company on when it might be released. So far, Microsoft has been very tight-lipped about their Xbox 360 replacement. It is unlikely that there will be more official information released anytime in the next couple of years.

Where did these Rumors Originate?

Many people wonder where the Xbox 720 rumors started, and how they grew so fast. Since the Xbox franchise has been so popular, beginning with the release of the original Microsoft Xbox in 2001, it isn’t surprising to see people being interested in anything going on with this particular gaming franchise. Since little hints have been dropped over the past few years, rumors have been able to grow and become more fleshed out. With all the Xbox fans out there, plenty of gamers are up for trading and discussing rumors, posting them on gaming forums and websites.

With all the Xbox 720 rumors out there on the Internet, it can be hard to separate the truth from fiction. For information from a reliable and trustworthy source, look at the official Microsoft website. Otherwise, take everything else read with a grain of salt!

Published: Monday, June 6th, 2011 Last Modified: March 20, 2012

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