Dynamics GP 2013 and Dynamics NAV 2013 Now Live on Azure

On a blog post on the Microsoft Dynamics Community blog, Paul White, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Dynamics ERP announced the availability of Dynamics GP and NAV 2013 on Azure starting today. This gives Azure users more reasons to use the service.

With the latest editions to Azure posted today, Microsoft is giving its Enterprise customers more tools in the cloud platform. These business solutions will give business customers the ability to host these large programs in the cloud, which should excite many business and Enterprise customers.


Deploy Dynamics NAV and GP From The Cloud

Now, Enterprise customers will be able to launch and deploy Dynamic and Dynamics GP 2013 programs at anytime in the cloud. These deployments are hosted in the Azure Infrastructure Services and hosted in a secure and private cloud. Users will be able to access these solutions from either the web or the desktop clients.

Still Only Available Via Partners

One of the major points behind the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and NAV 2013 Azure related announcements today was that customers will still have to buy these solutions from partners only, and not via Microsoft. They want to remain loyal and sincere to their partners and not offer these products directly to customer. Via hosting partners and other partners, they are able to set prices, services, and other details of the Dynamics products.

High Level Launch Partners Announced

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that several high level clients are already using the Dynamics GP 2013 and Dynamics NAV 2013 products already. Those clients currently include Graphical Productions Facilities in Denmark, Nilfisk Advance in South Korea and India, and lastly the JT Leavesley Trust in the UK

What seems to be the point of Tuesday’s announcement by Microsoft is that they are launching Enterprise level clients in the cloud for customers, and giving them private cloud support for these applications. Businesses and Enterprise customers no matter the size will be able to use these Microsoft products on the Azure platform, and this should give Azure customers more reasons to use the Microsoft Service. This is a long waited group of services wanted by Azure customers, and this is exactly what they need to bring Azure up against Amazon and other cloud services immediately.

Published: Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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