Durango Development Kit Sells for Over $20,000, First Kinect 2 Pictures Leaked

Durango Dev Kit Ebay

Microsoft’s next-generation console has development kits in the hands of developers, apparently, and now in the hands of … a person. A software development kit (SDK) surfaced on eBay, and sold for over $20,000.

Update: Twitter user superDaE, who apparently sold one of his two Durango dev kits on ebay also leaked pictures of the Kinect 2 development software “Microsoft Xbox Studio for Durango” a few days earlier.

Kinect 2 Development

(Picture: Kinect 2 Development via Microsoft Xbox Studio for Durango aka Xbox 8, leaked via Twitter user superDaE)

Want to develop for the next-generation Xbox console? You should have bid on that eBay auction

leaked durango dev kit case
(Picture: Alleged case of Durango dev kit. Keep in mind, only a dev kit, no design at all)

Eurogamer spoke with a person claiming to have the next-generation Xbox’s SDK, and one of two units has gone – and sold – on eBay. Going for over $20,000, we’re not sure who won or even if the unit is legitimate.

Called the Microsoft Durango Development Kit, it sold for £12,833 ($20,1000) on eBay over the weekend. Eurogamer spoke with a man called DaE, going by the same name on Twitter, who uploaded two photos of the Development Kit’s coding environment. He also posted a picture of the next-generation version of Kinect: it can track player movements.

The auction has 43 bids and 18 bidders, with matching bids forcing an extra $100 to be spent at the end of the auction. I wouldn’t fancy spending $20,000 on an SDK that you probably can’t use, unless the winning bidder is Microsoft of course.

There’s literally no benefit: the final product will be cheaper, smaller, user friendly, and can play video games! And you won’t be on the end of a lawsuit, either.

$20,000 And You Can’t Play Video Games? Geez

We don’t know how DaE got a development kit, let alone two of them. He confirmed the unit sold on eBay is not the unit seen by Eurogamer and captured.

I would not be surprised if Microsoft soon tracked down the owner of the sold Development Kit, and DaE. Remember the iPhone 4 leak? A blogger’s house was raided, and his computers searched. Steve Jobs later spoke about the incident at AllThingsD8, revealing he was told about the incident and didn’t deal with it directly.

So who do you think won the auction? Did Microsoft swoop in late to bid with $4,000, or could Sony have bought the SDK to get an idea of the competition’s hardware? Or did a regular user buy the Development Kit? My guess is the latter. Even if it is a massive waste of money.

Published: Monday, August 13th, 2012 Last Modified: August 13, 2012

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