Dropbox Updates App For Windows Universal App

Dropbox is one of those programs that millions of users use on a daily basis, to manage files and make their lives easier. But, their Windows app has gotten a little dated, and Microsoft has realized that for users. On Tuesday, Microsoft and Dropbox together released a new Dropbox Windows app.

The new Dropbox app is a joint collaboration between Dropbox and Windows, and is a perfectly updated app for Windows users. It’s lack of features has left many with only using the Dropbox website directly, but the new Windows universal app will surely give Dropbox users happiness.

Microsoft Gets Universal Dropbox App Finally For Users

New Dropbox Features

With the new Dropbox Universal Windows app, users have the ability to have multiple concurrent uploads, better shared folder management, and easier navigation with other apps on their systems. Now, Windows users can have a single Dropbox app that works with their computers, phones, and tablets.

It gives Android and iOS users the same features as well, with the Universal app getting updates to match it. Windows Phone users though also get the ability to get concurrent uploading, which is particularly helpful when uploading files from mobile phones, while on the road, and to workplaces using Dropbox.

Microsoft's Windows Phone Users Get Concurrent Uploading Right Away

Windows Phone 8.1 and Tablet Updates

Windows Phone 8.1 users will get the app update via the Windows Phone store, and will get the concurrent uploads feature right away. Users will also be able to save files directly to Dropbox, and get support for file save and file open pickers if the apps support it. This will be a huge plus for Windows Phone 8.1 users.

For tablet users, now users can manage shared and private folders on Dropbox. Users can share files and folders with contacts, and create keyboard shortcuts that go directly to their Dropbox file or folder. The app is available for all types of Windows tablets, and is a must download for tablet users.

Dropbox on Windows got a lot better this week. A universal app has been a long time coming, and is a worthy download if you use Dropbox.

Published: Thursday, May 21st, 2015 Last Modified: May 21, 2015

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