Dropbox Plus Microsoft Office Apps Become Partners

We have talked about how Microsoft and Dropbox have collaborated, and announced partnerships to make the two services more friendly and cooperative. On Tuesday, Dropbox and Microsoft announced that the two services have gone official, and are available on mobile platforms for all to use.

The Dropbox and Microsoft Office integrations have been discussed, and initially the Android client got the first test of it. With the announcement that the full Android and iOS platforms would be getting the Dropbox functionality, this means that mobile users will be able to use both services easier.

Microsoft Office Mobile Apps Get Full Dropbox Functionality

Dropbox On Microsoft Mobile Apps

In its blog post on Tuesday, Dropbox announced that users will be able to work on Office files that they have stored in Dropbox, no matter where they are. Users will be able to edit them in the new Dropbox app, and access them directly from the Office apps. These latest updates make mobile working a lot easier for those who use both services.

Microsoft and Dropbox both encourage users to make sure that their mobile apps are up to date, and checking with their mobile stores to make sure of that. It is live on the iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and some Android tablets. It can work with documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and anything used in Microsoft Office Mobile.

Dropbox For iPhone Gets Microsoft Office Mobile Updates

Great Update For Microsoft Office Fans

With this update, Microsoft Office users on their mobile devices will get a great new set of ways to access their files. Many users store their office files on Dropbox for safety, and have been wanting to edit and update them while on the go. It hasn’t been available to do so until now, and now Dropbox and Microsoft’s partnership make users at the center of attention.

While both companies operate cloud storage options of their own, the collaboration means Office users stand to gain in the end. Dropbox needs to expand and give companies easier access to their files, and Microsoft has done it via the mobile app updates. Users looking to edit docs and spreadsheets on Dropbox, and touch and update them whenever they need now.

These mobile updates on their respective apps are live now. Go download them, and experience the marriage of Office and Dropbox today.

Published: Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 Last Modified: November 26, 2014

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