Dropbox Brings Windows 10 App To Xbox One

If you are an active computer user, you certainly know what Dropbox is all about, and how their cloud storage technology has changed the game of cloud computing. Now, Dropbox has unveiled their Windows 10 app on the Xbox One.

In something that was announced sometime ago, the reality of a Dropbox app on the Xbox One platform seemed a little unreal. Their Windows 10 app works amazingly well, and now they are sharing its app on the Xbox One.

Familiar Dropbox App Goes From Windows 10 To Xbox One App

Dropbox Features On Xbox One

With the Xbox One and Windows 10 sharing the same internal core of technology and code, Dropbox was able to port the Windows 10 app to the Xbox One with some ease. It means it will work on your home Xbox One and on your work or school PC.

The Xbox One build of the Windows 10 Dropbox app is built on the Universal Windows Platform. You can view your media content and share and manage files with ease. This goes for photos, videos, and anytype of media.

Dropbox Brings Xbox One Its Own Windows Dropbox App

Why This Matters?

Many people might be wondering why this is a major deal? Now, an Xbox One user can stream videos stored on their Dropbox account sent from their Windows 10 device, and they won’t have to download them and store them on the Xbox One.

The Xbox One Dropbox app is a little different from its Windows 10 version, but it fits the Xbox One’s OS a lot better. It is optimized for the Xbox One platform, but lets Windows 10 users share files with ease and enjoy them on the Xbox One.

If you use Dropbox on both your PC & Xbox One, get the Xbox One version of the app. Let us know how you like it below.


Published: Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 Last Modified: December 13, 2016

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