Draw & Edit PDF Docs With PDF Annotation Lite

Once you start working with PDF’s on a frequent basis, you know how they work, and what a pain they can be to edit and annotate without the correct tool. On Windows 10, PDF Annotation Lite has come out, and lets you edit PDF’s with ease.

PDF Annotation Lite from Attractor Mobile Software, is a unique and free tool on Windows 10. It lets users draw and add text to their PDF documents, and while it’s not a full PDF editor, it gives users a lot of free tools that will help them.

PDF Annotate Lite Lets Users Edit PDF’s In Windows 10

PDF Annotation LIte Features

With PDF Annotation Lite, the software has a lot of built-in features that come with the free app. It lets users draw in PDF docs, add different shapes or text, and edit added elements to the PDF document that they have been working with.

These editing tools include changing color, transparency, location, and a number of other ones. It also works with the text of the document in relation to the color highlights, underlining, and strikethroughs on the document.

Access PDF’s Easily With PDF Annotation Lite On Windows 10

Is This For You?

While PDF Annotation Lite is a lightweight tool, it does let you view, edit, and change the features of the document with ease. Things like changing the colors, adding text, and selecting elements are probably enough for the large majority of the users today.

Advanced users will find the ways to access recently used documents, change histories, and hotkeys a major feature for them. It might not be the fully featured Adobe set of PDF tools, but for a free app on Windows 10, it certainly gives you a lot of tools to enjoy and play with anytime.

If you edit PDF’s, then PDF Annotation Lite is a Windows 10 app for you. It’s free, and well worth the download.

Published: Monday, October 31st, 2016 Last Modified: October 31, 2016

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