Dragon’s Dogma Sells Over 1 Million Copies in Japan, Becomes Unexpected Franchise

Dragons Dogma Sales Japan

Capcom reveals its RPG, Dragon’s Dogma, has sold over a million copies in the company’s native Japan. Due to the success in the East, despite a poor performance in western regions, and a sequel could happen and the entry marks the first in a franchise.

Dragon’s Dogma is pretty good, apparently, to the point where Capcom’s building a Dragon’s Dogma franchise

Dragons Dogma Sales Japan

If you bought Dragon’s Dogma, then give yourself a pat on the back. Capcom has announced, as part of its financial earnings report, the game is becoming the first entry in a franchise.

For the quarter ending June 30 this year, net sales are up to around $16 million (55.8% from the previous year) while operating profits rose by 22.4%. Ordinary income increased by 304.5% from the same period in 2011. Net income increased by 290.2% during the same period.

Dragon’s Dogma set the record in Japan for most amount of copies sold for a new intellectual property during the past decade. Worldwide shipments have surpassed one million, Capcom confirmed, two months after the game’s release.

Capcom also announced Resident Evil Outbreak Survive surpassed two million registered users, while Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City sold 450,000 copies over the second quarter. Total sales for Raccoon City stand at 2.1 million copies.

Net sales rose by 17.78% from 2011, and operating income rose 175.6% over the same period.


Operation Raccoon City received a critical panning: GameSpot said the game pales in comparison to alternative third-person cover-based shooters, while Eurogamer said it delivers the bare minimum. Edge added the shooter offers little outside of returning to explored ground. Some praise came from The Guardian, saying it’s better with cooperating play

Japanese video game magazine Famitsu gave the same a 34/40 rating. Game Informer said it felt choice had impacted the world, while GameSpot praised one of the best boss fights in video game history and a memorable ending.

Criticism came in for the lack of multiplayer, low framerate on the Xbox 360 version, while IGN said the character and the game lack memorability and polish respectively. GameTrailers said the story is flat.

Dragon’s Dogma releases May 22, 24, 25 in North America, Japan, and Europe, respectively, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Published: Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 Last Modified: July 31, 2012

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