Dragon’s Dogma 2 Coming? Capcom Are Making The Game A Franchise After Record Sales, Sequel Could Arrive 2014

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One million sales means Capcom are reassessing franchise. Dragon Dogma 2 due in 2014?

Capcom’s Dragon Dogma, despite receiving mixed reviews, has sold a million copies prompting a franchise announcement

I didn’t really get into the hype for Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom’s open world RPG. Apparently I should have, though, because the franchise – as it’s now going to be, thanks to an announcement by Capcom – sold one million copies with its debut console title.

Capcom said in the press release published today that Dragon’s Dogma set sales records in Japan for a brand new game during the first week of going on sale, in a decade actually. That’s pretty impressive considering the region is usually apathetic towards titles that are also successful over here, and even hardware. It’s important to stress that worldwide shipments have broke one million though, so it’s not just down to Japan.

Capcom also boasted Dogma is its 55th title to break one million, which probably puts Dragon’s Dogma in such company as Street Fighter and Resident Evil. They’re also franchises, so it’s no surprise that Dogma is going that way even if Resident Evil 6 looks a bit suspect.

Part Of Many Brands, Should Be No Surprise

The press release also said Dogma is part of a wider strategy to develop new brands, and the game was intended to be successful alongside the incredibly popular Monster Hunter in Japan (to the point where the PSP is selling very well in Japan, more so than the Vita ironically).

Dragon’s Dogma released last month for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 May 22 in North America, May 24 in Japan and May 25 in Europe.

As mentioned reviews for the game have generally been positive; Game Informer praised the open world structure as it was allows to make decisions it wanted, while GameSpot praised the combat and bosses. The website also criticised the game for having flaws but praised it also for taking risks, even if the end product didn’t fully realize them. Other criticisms were no multiplayer (not really a bad idea in my view because not all games need online matchmaking) while Play UK criticized the frame rate. GameTrailers also said the story was flat, in their words.

It’ll be exciting to see if Dragon’s Dogma 2 improves the flaws/positives.

Published: Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 Last Modified: June 26, 2012

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