Dragon Age: Inquisition to continue story with previous saves crossing over

Developers of the third iteration to the Dragon Age saga, Dragon Age: Inquisition, have confirmed to fans that their saved files from the previous games will be compatible with the new release.

Dragon Age: Inquisition details revealed

The latest addition to the Dragon age franchise will have players playing as the head of the Inquisition , a reformed group with the responsibility of ridding the land of Thedas of all evil and corruption.

The major power groups in the Dragon Age universe are apparently having problems cooperating effectively which is not great news when Demons and all sorts of evil begin to drop from the sky.


It is up to the player to unify the world once again exploring the massive open world that is promised to be more varied and exciting than ever before with developers listening to feedback from gamers issues with the first two outings of the series.

Developers have promised feedback has been noted

While Dragon Age Origins was massively popular (and was recently heavily discounted in the ultimate game sale on Xbox live) the follow-up Dragon age 2 divided many and came in for criticism in some quarters

Some gamers had issues with the reuse of level art, change of gameplay mechanics and the general direction the game took.

While being different from a predecessor in the series is no bad thing Bioware came out afterwards and publicly stated that they will listen to their fan base and engage with them throughout the development of the follow-up.


The main protagonist will have a voice as in Dragon Age 2 but the combat itself will be a mix of Origins tactical based play and the fluidity of Dragon Age 2’s more accessible mechanics with Bioware promising to use what has been successful so far in the series

Dragon Age 3 not in direct competition with The Witcher

Many are predicting a battle with another epic fantasy RPG series The Witcher (set to be released in a similar time frame) but community manager Chris Priestley has played down the potential of any conflict or direct competition.

“I came to BioWare because I love games, and I hope that the next Witcher game is fantastic, and I hope that ours is fantastic and I hope that people buy both and play both.” Priestly explained.


Bioware also intend to have player choice playing a key role in how the dialogue and story develops giving the players a true feeling of control over decisions they make in the game or have made already. Writer Cameron also confirmed that the previous game save files will transfer over.

“We know, we are not going to talk about it yet. We know what we want to do. It will absolutely come across, your decisions will carry [across], it will matter,” writer Cameron answered in a recent Q&A. “But yeah, we can’t go into details on how it is going to work.”

The game will be released on PC along with all current and next gen consoles early next year.

Published: Friday, August 9th, 2013 Last Modified: August 9, 2013

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