Download YouTube Videos With MyTube On Windows 10

YouTube is a site that gathers billions of views per month, and gets a ton of third party developers who design apps to work officially and unofficially with it. On Windows 10, myTube is clearly the best YouTube app for Windows 10.

The recently updated myTube app is one of the finest third party apps for YouTube, and gives users control over the videos they enjoy. It might not satisfy the YouTube API with rights, but users certainly love it.

Watch and Save YouTube Videos With MyTube

MyTube Features

With myTube, users can enjoy YouTube videos while browsing the app, listen to music videos in the background, it supports 2160p playback and 60 FPS videos, and gives user a number of features not in the YouTube site.

The biggest part of the myTube app that makes it shine, is the ability to download videos and audio, and watch or listen to them later. This is not available on the site, and is a big draw to the app.

Enjoy YouTube Videos In New Ways With MyTube On Windows 10

MyTube Complements YouTube

Along with those features, users can create and manage playlists as they want, post comments from the app to YouTube, get notifications on new videos from their favorites, and upload videos directly to YouTube.

Lastly, another big feature of MyTube, is the way to cast videos to your TV using DLNA. It does get updated frequently as it battles YouTube and their API, but the developers are great on making it work, and often.

If you want to save YouTube videos, try MyTube. It’s only $0.99, and worth the download for your YouTube favorites.


Published: Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 Last Modified: May 10, 2016

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