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The “My Xbox Live” app that is now available for iOS and Android allows you to control your Xbox and explorer content. Here are the download links for both apps.

The My Xbox Live app has done a good job of showing the Metro UI on non-Microsoft devices, and it’s got another update

If you haven’t seen the My Xbox Live app for iOS and Android devices, it’s basically a port of the Xbox live hub for Windows Phone aside from the functionality to download Xbox Live games. Now the iPhone app has got another update, bringing the ability to control the Xbox 360 console from the app.

Microsoft showed off SmartGlass at E3, which was kind of the same: it was positioned as a service for bringing added context to content, whether TV shows such as Game of Thrones or video games (shock!) such as Halo 4. In Game of Thrones it showed the real-time location of characters on a map, which is pretty useful if you’re jumping in mid-season.

The new update to My Xbox live allows users to launch games, control videos, and navigate the dashboard. To enable the functionality, download the app and connect the console and iPad after signing into your Windows Live account.

Tablet Controller With Next-Generation Xbox Console? Maybe

The app basically works by having a virtual D-Pad and the X-Y-A-B buttons on the right. The downside is that you have the press the icons on the D-Pad accurately, rather then pressing in the direction. There’s not tactile feedback so you know what you’re pressing, aside from a 9.6-inch slab of glass. It raises the question of whether Microsoft will launch a device for the next-generation Xbox that has this functionality built in. Remember, there were rumors of a tablet-esque controller being developed (even with the near perfect Xbox 360 controller, unfortunately).

My Xbox Live will also show information such as achievements when playing a game, so you don’t need to painfully wait for the dashboard to open achievements (though doing this from a game launches it quickly, which is odd).

The app is available to download now on both platforms, for free. The update is for iOS versions of the My Xbox Live App, but there’s also an Android app available. Or you can just use a controller, rather than being lazy.


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Published: Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 Last Modified: July 17, 2012

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