Download Internet Explorer 9 Beta!

Download Internet Explorer 9As we reported the release date for Internet Explorer 9 is getting closer. You can now download the Internet Explorer 9 beta. Don’t care? Well, the Internet Explorer 9 might be the fastest browser at the moment, but there are many other reasons to give the IE9 a try.

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IE9 Beta Screenshot:

Internet Explorer 9 Screenshot

The list of changes is so long! The Internet Explorer 9 is a HUGE step into the right direction. This will literally change the web as we know it and will make the web faster, more beautiful and more secure.

  • Hardware acceleration
  • New fast Javascript engine
  • Full HTML5/CSS3 Support
  • Windows 7 Integration (Jumplists, Aero, ..)

Very responsive websites
Thanks to the hardware acceleration and the new Javascript engine, your GPU will do more of the website rendering and your CPU cores will process a lot more scripts. Websites and videos will be downloaded a lot faster and will be more responsive. Are you tired of unresponsive websites? I’m certainly tired of them. So, download IE9 and try it yourself!

Thanks to CSS3 WebFonts we will soon see websites with all kinds of different fonts. It basically allows websites to include an URL to any font, so that the entire website may use that font to display text. Yup, people will start using Comic-Sans for their pages again! Oh noes!

Windows 7 integration
Internet Explorer 9 Site Pinning

Download IE9 Beta

You can download the IE9 Beta from

Keep in mind, you should download the 64-bit edition if you are on Windows 7 64-bit. If you don’t know which Windows version you have, click here before you download IE9.

Also, make sure to download it from, which is Microsoft’s official download site for the beta.

Published: Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 Last Modified: September 15, 2010

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