Download Internet Explorer 10 (Preview)

Internet Explorer 10 is now available for download. No, of course not the final version, it’s a preview version that you can download! Microsoft also added various benchmarks for the IE10. Some good stuff.

Download Internet Explorer 10

Uh yea, Microsoft just released Internet Explorer 9 and now they already have a preview version of Internet Explorer 10 after only 3 weeks? Now that’s what I call “delivering on promises”. Microsoft promised to drastically shorten the release cycle of their flagship browser Internet Explorer and that’s what they have done! Well, when I speculated about the Internet Explorer 10 release date I wasn’t expected a preview version so quickly, but the preview version can now be downloaded! No joke.

Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

Looks like Windows 8 will definitely ship with Internet Explorer 10 , that’s awesome news! Hopefully, they will add a lot of cloud features to the browser as well.

Let’s take a look at the Internet Explorer 10 preview:

Download Internet Explorer 10 Preview

Head over to and download the preview version now. We’ll keep you posted when we receive any information about the next downloadable IE10 versions.

The download buttons links to the official testdrive site where you can download the Internet Explorer 10 platform preview 1.
Download IE10

Microsoft also added various NEW speed and graphic demos:

  • FishBowl Benchmark
  • Paintball Demo
  • HTML5 Try Strict Mode Demo
  • HTML5 Tweet Columns Demo
  • HTML Giddle Demo
  • CSS3 FLexbox Flexin Demo
  • The Grid System Demo
  • CSS Gradient Maker
  • SVG Gradient Maker

The SVG and CSS Gradient maker might be particularly interesting for web developers. Should I have some time I will have to check this out myself, some really good stuff. Microsoft is now making sure to adhere to all web standards that are in development – the poor IE6 web standards are something of the past! I don’t even care about IE6 users any longer, anyone who’s still using this outdated browser should download and update to IE9 ASAP!

The Internet Explorer 9 finally fully supports SVG (Scalable_Vector_Graphics). The next iteration of HTML, HTML6 should give developers new guidelines for using SVG in combination with CSS and HTML.

Patrick Dengler, Microsoft, Member of W3C SVG Working Group and SVG-CSS Task Force released a paper on this

We expect that Microsoft will add new demos and downloads soon, so stay tuned for more if you are interested in Microsoft’s new browser IE10!

Published: Thursday, April 14th, 2011 Last Modified: April 14, 2011

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