Download Free Windows 8 “Explorer Theme” for Windows 7

Here’s an awesome free Windows 8 explorer theme for Windows 7.If you really like the advanced features of the Office style ribbon UI in the Windows 8 Explorer, this neat little free app will bring similar features to your Windows 7 PC.

Windows 8 Explorer theme for Windows 7

Free Tool Adds The Ribbon Theme and Features To Your Windows 7 Explorer

Get it at the developer’s website.

For those who have already gotten used to Windows 8 and its advanced explorer and even for those who have only seen it, the idea of getting the Ribbon UI features in Windows 7 can be really tempting. Compared to that, the normal Windows 7 UI looks extremely bland and non-functional.

Windows 8 Explorer theme
The Windows 8 Explorer theme makes Windows 7 more productive

Thankfully, there’s a free tool available for download that brings the Ribbon UI to the Explorer in Windows 7. It is a fully featured tool that completely replaces the normal explorer, the design really looks awesome and resembles the look of Windows 8. Definitely one of the best Windows 8 themes and tools you can download right now.

In addition to a nice explorer theme with enhanced functionality, it enables tabbed browsing. Tabbed browsing is now a standard across Internet browsers and so it is about time that it came to the Windows Explorer as well. Now you can work between several folders without choking your taskbar with buttons. Even with Windows 7’s grouping feature coming to the rescue, it is still a lot to handle.

The Ribbon UI theme is an advanced browser toolbar with quick access to commonly used file operations like cut/copy/paste, move, etc. In Windows 8, the buttons are contextual and will change according to the type of files selected. It also gives you different viewing options as buttons. In BExplorer, you also get options for cloning/duplicating tab and opening a new tab.

Best thing about this utility is that it can also get out of your way when you don’t want it to take up so much screen space. This would especially handy for those working on small screens like on a netbook.

Link: More Windows 8 themes can be downloaded from our site.

Published: Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 Last Modified: November 2, 2011

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