Download Free Black Mesa Soundtrack, First Part Of HL2 Mod To Be Released In Less Than 10 Days

Black Mesa Countdown_thumb4 The long wait is over – nearly 4 years since the first trailer for Black Mesa was released on Youtube.

The long-awaited Black Mesa mod for Half-Life 2 is releasing. Sort of. The developers announced the first part of the mod is releasing to prevent fans from waiting any longer, though it is working on the rest of the content to finalise the complete reimagining.

If you want to play new Half-Life content then you can stop waiting: the Black Mesa mod for the game is releasing

It’s been a few years since the announcement of Black Mesa, the Source mod for Valve’s first-person shooter Half-Life. To stem the rising frustration the developers have announced the release date for the first, and finished, part of the mod.

The developer said the the Black Mesa Soundtrack is now available to download for free, composed by Joel Nieslsen, a member of the development team. Fans can pay any price. After the Black Mesa mod will release September 14; before that the website, wiki, and forums will be temporarily taken down for renovations.

The mod redoes the original Half-Life up the Lambda Core section, missing out Xen notably. The developer felt the 8-10 hours experience provides a solid ending and provides the best overall game experience. The developers are still working on the Xen and BMDM sections, though, and will release it as soon as it is ready.

The mod brings an improved graphics engine, physics, and environmental effects compared to the source material. The game is developed by 40 non-paid fan developers, led by Carlos Montero.

Valve released its own update to the original Half-Life in 2004, though the underwhelming response led to the creation of Black Mesa. The update used the current Source engine; Valve is rumoured to be in development of a successor. Perhaps that’s when we’ll see Half-Life 3.

As for when fans will get a completely new Half-Life game? We’ll continue to wait, and fans will probably continue to protest.


Download Soundtrack

You can download the free soundtrack at – if you like it, consider a donation!

Published: Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 Last Modified: September 5, 2012

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