Download Final Fantasy XIII-2 Windows 7 Theme

A Windows 7 theme for Final Fantasy fans with wallpapers of the upcoming Final Fanatasy XIII-2:

Final Fanatasy XIII-2 Windows 7 Theme

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is coming out late 2011 in Japan and will be released in early 2012 in the US. EU release date is still unknown.

Square Enix will hopefully release a decent game after a rather buggy Final Fantasy 14. If Final Fanatasy XIII-2 could be anything like Final Fantasy IX, VII or VIII, then it will be an instant over-night mega best-selling game.

The character of Final Fantasy XIII Lightning does not really return in Final Fantasy XIII-2, because she’s missing and her sister is now trying to find here (which will be you).

Final Fanatasy XIII-2 Wallpapers

Download Final Fanatasy XIII-2 Windows 7 Theme

Preorder Final Fanatasy XIII-2

You can now preorder Final Fanatasy XIII-2

Where Can I Download More Final Fantasy Windows 7 Themes?

Make sure to visit this download page – you can download the full Final Fantasy Windows 7 themes

Published: Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 Last Modified: August 9, 2011

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