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There are a lot of reasons to love gaming on the Windows 10 platform, and the constant arrival of new titles is certainly one of them. A fun new spaceship fighting game has captured a ton of interest. Its name is Hyperlight EX.

Hyperlight EX is a fun and fast shooting videogame on the Windows Store, and it lets you immerse yourself into a world of spaceships, shooting, and just having a good time. It’s also fairly cheap, making it an almost instant purcase for many gameseekers.

Hyperlight Brings Space Shooting To Life On Windows 10

Hyperlight Features

The first thing you’ll note when you try out Hyperlight, is that it is a fast shooting and high intensity action game. You control a spaceship that fights against evil alien monsters, and it is all set in a surreal cosmic environment.

The game itself supports gamepads or touch controls, and features amazing HD graphics. It has innovative gameplay, 50+ levels, 8 mid-boss stages, and 4 final boss stages. It also has a infinity mode along with panic modes for all types of players.

Innovative Gameplay Awaits Those Playing This Windows 10 Game

A Fun & Exciting Game To Play

What is great about Hyperlight, is that you can start playing right as soon as you start downloading the game. It features a fun gameplay design that gives you lots of weapons to enjoy on your spaceship, and is has levels of achievements to gain from play.

It also has global leaderboards so you know how you rank against others playing the game, and has 40 unlockable medals. It all comes together in a fun and exciting space shooter, and for its price, simply amazes most gameplayers out there on the Windows 10 platform.

If you like fun space shooters, try out Hyperlight. It’s a quick download and purchase, and you’ll be playing it for hours to come.

Published: Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 Last Modified: March 1, 2017

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