Download AMD Gaming Evolved: Improves Game Performance, Get Free AAA Games

Want to improve your gaming performance based on the optimization analysis of the entire AMD community? Yep, that’s now possible using a brand-new community tool called AMD Gaming Evolved by Raptr and AMD. On top of that you get free rewards

Earn Free Triple A Games For Using AMD Gaming Evolved

Not only does AMD Gaming Evolved an excellent job at optimizing all of your games, you can also earn rewards, which can be redeemed for triple A games. Yep, that’s right, once you’ve earned 30,000 reward points you can redeem the points for games like Battlefield 4 or Thief

Get Rewards Points For Game Optimization.png

The Reward System.png

The More People Use AMD Gaming Evolved The Better It Will Get At Optimizing Your Games

One of the advantages of AMD Gaming Evolved is that it is using the data it receives from other gamers just like you to perfectly optimize your game.

Game Is Optimized.png

Once the game is optimized, you get your rewards, for optimizing Planetside 2 you get 60 points:

Points For Optimizing Planetside2.png

Once you’re done optimizing your games you can participate in the community and upload new screenshots – similar to the Steam community system:

Gaming Community System

Experimental Features

Raptr and AMD are constantly improving the tool. A community chat for your games will be available within most games, but is currently still experimental for some games such as Planetside 2

Ingame Chat Experimental.png

Not All Games Have Enough Data Yet – Join Today And Help!

Optimization By Entire Community

Not all games have sufficient data yet to be optimized. The more people use this app the better it will get, so I am recommending every owner of an AMD card to give it a try and build a stronger community


You can download it directly from or from our Mirror host:

Mirror 1 Download


Published: Saturday, December 21st, 2013 Last Modified: December 21, 2013

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