Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter project raised over $2 million

Double Fine Adventure_thumb.jpg 1Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter project includes new reward tiers for backers, interview with father of adventure games

Double Fine Adventure interview with father of adventure games, Ron Gilbert, also online as new reward tiers are unveiled as project has 14 days left

Double Fine’s Kickstarter project – dubbed the “Double Fine Adventure” – has been an incredible success. The original goal of $300,000 has been surpassed six-fold, with the total money raised now coming in to $2.2 million dollars with 14 days to go. For backers, and to entice non-backers, new rewards have been made available.

The second update of rewards for backers of the game includes:

• The Digital Soundtrack of the Documentary (pledge $30): self-explanatory, but all backgrounds receive a digital copy of the Double Fine Adventure soundtrack
• Special edition box containing both the game disc and a DVD or Blu-Ray of the documentary (pledge $100): rather than downloading the game through Steam, players get a physical copy. There is also an original “Double Fine Adventure” poster of the game, special thanks in the credits, and all previous rewards.
• The Double Fine Adventure Book ($60 reward tier for a digital PDF, $500 reward tier for a physical copy): backers of this pledge will get art from the game, either in a .pdf file or as a physical copy depending on their donation. This is 100+ pages of full colour concept art, original photos, developers diaries and more. Includes all previous reward tiers.

Along with these rewards, Double Fine have also announced that there will be support for more platforms: Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. There will be Steam codes and DRM-free versions, along with localization for French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Available now is a 35-minute interview with Tim Schafer, founder of Double Fine, and Ron Glibert, who was the writer and director on renowned adventure games such as The Secret of Monkey Island. The interview takes place in January, before the Kickstarter project was announced. What’s interesting about the interview is that the two are discussing the project in terms of the $300,000 budget, not the $2 million with 14 days to go. They discuss using an existing engine, and producing an adventure that lasts 30 minutes, whereas now it will likely last a lot longer.

The “Double Fine Adventure” is planned for release approximately during October 2012.

Published: Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 Last Modified: February 28, 2012

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