DOTA 2 gets Terrorblade

Makers of DOTA 2 are soon going to introduce their latest hero to the game named Terrorblade. This will come with the New Bloom Festival Update and also promises to fix some of the bugs that the game currently has.

Who Is Terrorblade?

Terrorblade is a returning champion from original DotA. He was known for illusion in the first part and makers of DotA 2 have kept his skill set similar to that of the original form.

According to the summary, Terrorblade stole from demon lords and was punished for this crime.


He was sent to the special hell for demons and was forced to look into his own soul (which is worst thing for demons), but this instead of harming Terrorblade, ends up making him stronger. He masters that scary reflection to use them for his own purposes.

What Are Terrorblade’s Abilities?

Terrorblade as described by its makers is a demon marauder, an outlaw who even other demons fear. New hero’s basic two abilities allow him to conjure up a duplicate of any foe, or make an illusion of himself.

He can also be transformed into a form with the help of raged attack and a damage bonus.


Terrorblade also has ability to swap health out of any foe or friend, which could be very helpful ability especially if you are involved in a busy team battle.

Other Updates in DOTA 2

With Terrorblade another update the game is bringing out in its February patch is Random Ability Draft mode.

This update champs get assigned the skill set of some another champion while fighting a battle. In this mode each player’s abilities are thrown in a pool. Players will take turns and choose which ability their hero will be using in the battle.


In addition to this the Blood Festival update will also enable bring quite a few game play fixes and tweaks.

Published: Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 Last Modified: February 11, 2014

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