Doom 4 Release Date Still Unknown But Officially “In Development”

Four years after the last Doom, id Software quietly informed its fans that it is now hard at work on Doom 4 bringing delight to plenty of gamers everywhere.

Doom 4 Release Date

Known as one of first player shooter staples of the video game genre, the fourth Doom brings with it a rich heritage and a place in gamer history. However, despite its fame, developers decided to quietly hail its upcoming development by simply placing a small add on the website for artists and developers to apply to work on the upcoming instalment of the franchise.

Release Date: Unknown
Video: Unavailable

What makes Doom so successful

ID software CEO Todd Hollenshead stated that Doom is a large part of the DNA at the software company and thus it demands the best minds and talent within the gaming industry to make the fourth instalment even more impressive than the last. He added that it is important that the most creative people come together to work on all of their in-house games so that the results are titles that live up to their heritage. Doom first launched back in 1993 and is credited as the founding first person shooting game helping to propel them to their status today.

Doom 3 disappoints

The game series held its own for awhile, but Doom 3 was met with a bit of disappointment as gamers waited widely for its release and then found themselves a bit disappointed after beating the game. Some claimed that there was too much emphasis on the graphics and the engine and not enough on the usually engaging plot lines. In response to these complaints, Id Software claims that this time around the plot will be thick enough to match the excellent graphics that everyone expects to see in a modern gaming release.

What we know about Doom 4

While the news about Doom 4 has been kept a bit under wraps, we do know that the game will be set in the dark with few lightning streaks to help keep the overtures dark. After all, for a game named Doom you can hardly expect too many happy moments. However, after the backlash over trying to use a weapon and flashlight together in Doom 3, you can expect to see some modifications that will make the lighting something interesting to see in the full release.

Published: Saturday, May 21st, 2011 Last Modified: May 21, 2011

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