Donating To Nepal: Where Should I Donate? Microsoft: Free Skype Calls In/Out Of Nepal

One of our co-workers and friends Uttam Shrestha from Nepal, Kathmandu and his family have survived the earthquake, but require assistance. Here’s how you can help people like Uttam.

Why Donations Are Necessary

Nepal Earthquake Relief

The earthquake that hit Nepal has devastated the country and left many people stranded. Many buildings simply collapsed. Food and water is scarce now and corpses rotting below debris may increase the risk of diseases.

Rescue workers are hard at work trying to find people that are still alive.

Nepal needs our help to rebuild their country. Now.

Facebook Donations Doubled

Facebook users have already donated 10 million USD. Facebook pledged to double your donation.

If you are wondering where on Facebook you can donate, here is the link:

Facebook: Nepal Earthquake Support

Microsoft: Free Calls To Landlines and Mobile Devices In And Out Of Nepal

Microsoft supports the country with free calls to landlines and mobile devices in and out of Nepal.

Microsoft Disaster Response via TechNet

Paypal: Donation Campaign

PayPal has started a campaign that accepts donations. You can donate to a variety of organizations that aid Nepal:

Earthquake Relief Nepal

What Organization Should I Donate To?

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) has issued a list of charities that are actively collecting money to assist Nepal:


Published: Friday, May 1st, 2015 Last Modified: May 3, 2015

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