Don Mattrick Leaves To Become Zynga CEO

On Monday, Microsoft’s Don Mattrick, who was President of Microsoft Studios made the announcement that he was leaving Microsoft. By making this move, this leaves Microsoft in a vulnerable position as the launch of the Xbox One nears towards the end of the upcoming year.

Zynga, known for its online and social games, hired Don Mattrick away from Microsoft on Monday and naming him CEO of the company. His compensation is described mainly as ZNGA stock, but at last check, that might have been the best move overall by the gaming company.


Mattrick Brings Zynga Leadership From Microsoft

One of the main things that Don Mattrick brings Zynga from Microsoft is his executive leadership and his management skills learned from Microsoft. Having been with Microsoft for the past six years, Mattrick brings Zynga the executive background that is sorely needed at the gaming company, and to its future.

Future of The Xbox One and Xbox 360

The number of press reports from All Things D, Techcrunch, and other tech journals point to what will happen to Microsoft and the launch of the Xbox One. In a letter released to employees at Microsoft, Steve Ballmer referenced that the leadership team at Microsoft will continue to bring the Xbox One to the masses at the end of the year, and deliver a top end product for users.

Did Microsoft Screw Up?

One of the conversations around the tech community was to the effect of Microsoft and their current state of affairs. Did they screw up with the loss of Don Mattrick? Don Mattrick clearly bobbled the release of the Xbox One with the state of confusion towards the launch of the upcoming console in press briefings. Whether this is his fault or Microsoft’s fault, who knows, but Microsoft clearly loses a chief at the helm of their gaming division with the loss of Don Mattrick.

With the move of Don Mattrick to Zynga, Microsoft will now need to search for a new leader. Whether this leads to the bringing back of Jay Allard who knows. They need someone and someone quick, and as the Xbox One launches in November, the helms at Microsoft’s gaming division are suddenly in play in Redmond this time around.

Published: Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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