Domain Name Transfer Exposes Xbox 8, Live TV, Phone Integration and Tablet

Xbox Rumors The domain was transferred to Microsoft this week and with it a lot of rumors were triggered around the Xbox 8 brand name.

Xbox 8: A Windows 8 Reference Or The Future Of Xbox? was transferred from a Chinese cybersquatter (people who buy lucrative domain names in order to resell them at a higher price) to Microsoft earlier this week, suggesting the official use of the name Xbox 8 in some capacity.

Now it is possible that Microsoft is switching to a sequential naming system for the Xbox and is safeguarding number 8. However, it is more likely to have something to do with the imminent Windows 8 release — the platform that has a lot of integrations made in to Xbox. A lot of this integration is content-based and hence very important for the Xbox user base. And to give you more ideas about what’s coming up next (or may be coming up next) in the Xbox world, here are the other domains that Microsoft has picked up —

  • (quite possibly meant for the Xbox companion app Xbox Smart Glass)

Of course, we don’t think we will be seeing an Xbox branded tablet device any time soon but then Windows 8 will have lots of tablets and on those tablets we will find deep integration with Xbox through the likes of Smart Glass. As for Xbox Phone, Windows Phone 8 will be integrated in to Xbox the same as the rest of Windows 8 and Xbox Live TV is almost a reality because Xbox has enough TV content online thanks to its numerous deals to bring streaming videos and music to Xbox Live.

Another explanation of Xbox 8 seems to be turning 8 to one side and viewing it as the infinity symbol. It is possible that the next Xbox will bear the moniker Infinity but there have also been speculations about Microsoft preparing an Xbox for launching alongside windows 8 and taking on the Wii U which is slated to launch later this year.

Published: Sunday, July 8th, 2012 Last Modified: July 8, 2012

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