Do you like Portal and Final Fantasy IX? Then give Trine a try!

If you liked the puzzles of Portal and the rusty old knight of FFIX (Steiner), then you should try Trine! The pretty fantasy action game is currently available for only ~$10 on Steam and even includes a co-op mode!

Trine Game PC

Trine is the tale of Wizard, Thief and a Knight who accidentally bind their soul in an artifact called Trine. You can only control 1 of the 3 heroes at a time and each characters has unique abilities that will help you to solve the puzzles.

The thief has a bow and a can use the grappling hook, the wizard can conjure boxes and planks and the knight is the meatshield and sword fighter of the trio.

Let’s see the trio in action:

The successor of the game was presented at the E3 this year:

How to activate the co-op multiplayer mode in Trine (PC)?

If you want to play Trine with up to two friends, you’ll first have to enable multiple mice/keyboards. To do that start the trine_launcher.exe and click on the Advanced button. You’ll see this:

Trine Multiplayer PC

Make sure to check the option “Enable multiple mice and keyboards”. Of course you can also connect a gamepad!

We’ll be adding a Trine Windows 7 theme shortly with some of the best Trine wallpapers!

Trine Game PC

Published: Saturday, June 26th, 2010 Last Modified: June 26, 2010

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