Do Not Track Enabled By Default In Windows 8 And Internet Explorer 10

Do Not Track Ie10

If you’re concerned about privacy in Windows 8, and will be running Internet Explorer 10 in the upcoming operating system, then you’ll be glad to hear Do Not Track is an option when the OS ships this October.

I’m not concerned about privacy, but if you are then Do Not Track may be of interest

Microsoft has announced Do Not Track is to be a feature in Internet Explorer 10 from day one of Windows 8’s launch. Other browsers weren’t discussed, but I’d imagine the developers can integrate the feature.

The setting can be modified, and the Do Not Track feature is enabled by default in IE 10. Microsoft values user privacy, hence the feature is automatically enabled. It’s not a bad decision – casual users won’t even know it’s there – and why would someone actively want Microsoft tracking your information?

Do Not Track will be enabled in the Express settings of Windows 8, Microsoft announced. A customize option in the same section will allow users to turn the feature off.

The Express and Customize options also cover a wider array of settings when setting up Windows 8 for the first time, so users can configure preferences if not comfortable with Microsoft’s recommended setup.

Do You Want Information Monitored?

There has been feedback that Microsoft has enabled Do Not Track by default without some users knowing of the feature. Therefore, Microsoft has explained the feature’s functionality. June 2012 saw European regulators urge Microsoft to set Do Not Track as default, though I would have thought the required option would be to give users choice. It seems Microsoft would have enabled the feature by default anyway.

We don’t know whether Google, Mozilla, or other browser developers will enable the feature by default. It wouldn’t be surprising if some didn’t enable Do Not Track to purely try and differentiate from Microsoft, though I’m probably being cynical.

On Internet Explorer 10, we don’t know when the version of the browser will arrive for Windows 7. Usually the release of Microsoft’s browser signals Windows 8 is nearing release to manufacturing (RTM) – when development is complete, basically -, but we’ve seen Windows 8 enter RTM before the release of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 this time.

Windows 8 release October 26, with Internet Explorer 10.

Published: Thursday, August 9th, 2012 Last Modified: August 9, 2012

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