Do More With The SkyDrive Cloud On Windows 8

Skydrive_logo Windows 8_Thumb.jpg 1A recently leaked collection of screenshots of the next version of the Microsoft cloud service SkyDrive reveal quite a few new features about the service and what we can expect to find in Windows 8.

Store Your BitLocker Keys, Documents And More On Windows 8 SkyDrive Cloud

Worried that you will lose all you encrypted BitLocker data because you might lose your keys? Well, with the new and upcoming version of SkyDrive you might not have to. With its integration in to Windows 8, you will be able to store BitLocker Recovery Keys on the cloud along with your documents and other files. This is one of the features that was uncovered over the weekend thanks to some leaked screenshots and a report from Windows Live focus site LiveSide.

One of the best pieces of news in this report is definitely the new file size limit. The new SkyDrive will support files of up to 300MB in size, this is three times the current limit, which is 100MB. This limit is the same as the individual file size limit on Dropbox cloud sharing service.

There’s no news of when the new version will be rolled out but there’s a distinct possiblity of them being rolled out over the next few months, tailing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (i.e. Public Beta version) release on the 29 of this month.

SkyDrive is the cloud service that will give users of Windows 8 a large amount of online storage space that is tied to their Windows Live account. Microsoft is looking to make it the de facto cloud drive by giving developers access to the cloud to store user information from third party apps. Which means your whole Windows system will be in sync through SkyDrive, making it as indispensible as it will be useful to users who want to keep offsite back up for free.

Published: Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 Last Modified: February 22, 2012

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