Djay Pro Lets You Spin As A DJ On Windows 10

Djay Pro is easily one of the most popular DJ apps on the iOS platform, and has gotten rave reviews from users around the world. Now, Algoriddim has brought Djay Pro to the Windows 10 platform as a premium app.

Djay Pro is a definitely an app made for aspiring DJ’s and those who really love music. It comes in at $49.99 on the Windows Store, but has over 30 million downloads on platforms to prove its the real thing.

Djay Pro Is A Premier DJ App Now For Windows 10

Djay Pro Features

The first thing that you’ll notice with Djay Pro, is its integration with Spotify off the top. This allows for instant access to songs, charts, and audio streaming technolgies, for DJ’s and more.

It offers access to the Music Library with ease, and gives you Spotify, iTunes, and Explorer access. It has a detailed history, queue, instant previews, and expanded modes. This means all kinds of tunes are available.

Access Music With Djay Pro App Built For DJ's On Windows 10

Advanced Features

Within Djay Pro, you will see four deck mixing, wafeform layouts, samplers, recording abilities to AAC/WAV, automixes, advanced DJ tools, and Audio FX tools available to the user. This is a pro level app for a low price to enjoy.

It also features advanced audio processing, audio analysis, hardware integration with over 60 MIDI controllers, and allows for external mixer modes. It also has support for multi-channel USB audio interfaces.

Djay Pro is built for Windows 10, and has support for touch & desktop devices. It even has Surface Dial support, so if you need a DJ app, this is for you to buy today.

Published: Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 Last Modified: April 12, 2017

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