Disqus Makes Web Converations Better With Windows 10 App

We have discussed the Discus app on the Windows 10 platform before, and its been a fine app for those who use its commenting service on the web. Recently, Disqus has improved its app, and its gotten a lot better for Windows 10 users.

The first thing that Disqus did with their Windows 10 app, is make it a Universal Windows App, and this means more frequent updates for users. This one app going forward should receive updates, and not fragment desktop or mobile users.

Disqus App Gets Better On Windows 10

What’s New With Disqus?

Along with being a Universal app, it gets faster performance upgrades due to platform and tool improvements. It also gives users new notifications for new replies and a live tile count for all notifications.

The enhanced commenting part of the Disqus app also gets better for users. Users can use the image uploader to crop images, add GIFs, quickly format comments with them, and more. Lastly, users can create discussions on Disqus channels easier.

Follow Web Discussions With Disqus App On Windows 10

More Ways To Read

With the Disqus app, the discussions occur in realtime, and that menas that comments, replies, and votes stream in realtime to the app. This means a combined vote score will show for a commment, and you can breakdown the up and downvotes.

A new blocking tool has also been added to the Disqus app, and that will let users filter out their comments from discussions. This should keep out comments you don’t want to read, and keep ones you want to read.

Disqus is a great web commenting platform. Now, its Windows 10 app is worthy of its service on the web.


Published: Friday, March 24th, 2017 Last Modified: March 24, 2017

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