Discussion App Disqus Gets Windows 10 App Approval

Disqus is one of those services that most people have used on the Internet today, but probably don’t realize they have used it. It powers many of the comments on websites and blogs on the Internet today, and now has a Universal Windows App in beta on Windows 10.

The Disqus Windows 10 Universal Windows App is a brand new endeavor for the company, and while their mobile app has been available, their desktop and tablet one hasn’t. It lets users comments and add comments anywhere, but for the user & owner of the site.

Disqus Release Beta Of Windows 10 App

Disqus App Features

The new Discus Windows 10 app first of all, has been completely overwritten from the beginning, and is meant for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile users. This makes it flow better with both the desktop and mobile operating system.

It features a new renovated settings section, app notifications that have been rewritten, abilities to change the three system settings (light, automatic, and mark), let you see new entries for blocked users, and much more.

Reply To Comments On Disqus Via Windows 10 Mobile or Desktop Devices

Reply To Comments With Ease

Byfar, the best feature of the newly redone Discus Universal Windows 10 App, is the new replying to comments feature. This has been 100 percent redone, and lets the blog or site owner be able to comment, and the same for the user on the site.

The newly updated app is available right now in a test beta phase, but is available on the Windows Store, which is interesting at best. It usually means that is should be available for public final release soon, but users can still check it out on their Windows 10 devices.

If you use Discus, this Windows 10 app is nice. Manage, control, and reply to comments from your Windows 10 device with ease, and all on Discus with this app.

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Published: Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 Last Modified: September 21, 2016

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