Discover Personal Magazines With Flipboard

If you’ve been using a phone or tablet for any period of recent time, you know that personalization is a top love of many. Making a personal magazine gives you topics to enjoy & savor. With Flipboard, you can build your personal magazine around topics you want to enjoy.

Flipboard initially made its success on the Apple and Android platforms, and has moved its way to the desktops. It’s Windows 10 app has gotten better since its launch, and gives users ways to enjoy and discover topics like never before.

Get Your Personalized Magazine On Windows 10 With Flipboard

Flipboard Features

When you first load up Flipboard, you can choose from a set of topics that the app suggests, or pick ones from your social channels. This lets you choose from prearranged news topics, or choose from your friends topics and sources.

Once you choose the topics from the Discover tab, you can add them to your magazine. These can include the New York Times, Fast Company, PEOPLE Magazine, or more. Choose the “+” button, and they are saved to your personalized magazine on your desktop.

Choose Topics To Personalize Your Own Magazine With Flipboard

Free & Tons Of Fun

One of the best features about Flipboard is that its free, and tons of fun to enjoy. Many people load up Flipboard in the morning, and use it as their news source. You can include Twitter and Facebook accounts to even personalize it more.

The app gets frequent updates from its developers, and loves to get feedback from its users at the sametime. They are always adding sources of information to discover as well, and are reaching out to media channels for more to incorporate for its users.

If you love personalization, try Flipboard today. It’s a great recommeded app, and a must download from the Windows Store.

Published: Thursday, May 26th, 2016 Last Modified: May 26, 2016

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