Discover Flat Notes To Post Notes In Windows 10

One of the most amazing features about Post It Notes is the ability to post them anywhere, but the digital screen you work on daily. Now, Flat Notes has emerged, giving users flat post it notes to enjoy.

Post It Notes like Flat Notes make it easy to remember certain occasions, certain to do lists, and events with ease. Now, the app syncs aross devices, and is a quite amazing Windows 10 app to enjoy.

Windows 10 Users Notate Away With Flat Notes

All Kinds Of Notes

With Flat Notes, you can put together any type of free form text note, checkist note, image note, or anything you wish to remember. It flexible nature makes it easy to use, and makes for great usability.

Users with checklist notes can bullet point lists like shopping lists, and more. Image lists let the user add a image from their photo library, and utilize it in a more visual note that can be remebered and used.

Flat Notes Gives Post It Notes Features To Windows 10 Users

Creating Simple Notes Made Easy

A user with Flat Notes just needs to click New Note, then choose the title of the note to enter, and then enter the body of the note. It then lets the user add text, images, and anything else they need.

The note then can stay on the home screen, lets the user toggle between notes, and use more advanced features within the app, which simply astound most users. It’s available for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

If you take notes, try out Flat Notes. It’s free and a great note app for free.


Published: Thursday, May 19th, 2016 Last Modified: May 19, 2016

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