Discover Amazing Anatomy With Complete Anatomy On Windows 10

The world of anatomy is certainly something that requires more than just a few hours of knowledge, and technology has allowed us to see it in amazing ways. A new Windows 10 app called Complete Anatomy brings anatomy to Windows 10 machines.

Complete Anatomy is made by a company called 3D4Medical, and its a free app on the Windows Store. It does feature in-app purchases should you choose, but the free version offers a great anatomy app for many to enjoy.

See The Human Body With Complete Anatomy On Windows 10

Anatomy App Features

With Complete Anatomy, you get a 3D Male Model to view, and you can see the 12 complete systems of the body within the app. You can also see skeletel full body layers, and even isolate regions on the body to view.

You are able to animate the muscles on the body, share the portions you view with groups, and see the muscles and nerves move within the body. Cut and Draw tools enable pens, and interactions with the model.

Vision The Skull & Muscles With Complete Anatomy On Windows 10

Annotate, Learn & Amaze

Complete Anatomy gives users a number of Cut & Draw tools to use to show growths or fractures if they choose. You can record the interactions with the model along with audio, and learn as you explore the body.

The user is able to annotate, take quizes on the body, explore, assemble, and learn tailored content within the app. The app is for education for all, and lets users explore the human body in all new ways.

If you’ve been fascinated about the human body, this app is for you. Try it out, and see your body in 3D visions of beauty.

Published: Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 Last Modified: March 15, 2017

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