Crackers Disable The Windows 8 Expiration With KMS Activator

Hackers are already cracking Windows 8 and have found a way to disable the Windows 8 expiration and activate the leaked Windows 8 build 7850. Microsoft on the other hand is trying to prevent activation hacks from working with an updated OA version.

Disable Windows 8 Expiration

Crackers have developed a tool called KMS Activator, which can be used to activate Windows 8. By default, Windows 8 has, similar to Windows 7, a timebomb that will not allow you to access Windows 8 after 30 days. Supposedly, KMS Activator can be used to disable this timebomb and activate your Windows 8 copy.

The KMS Activator and Timebomb Remover were released on the mydigitallife forums. We do not recommend downloading such a tool. If you are curious what Windows 8 will be all about or if you want to help make Windows 8 better, I recommend to wait for the planned beta tests during the next quarters. Probable release dates for the Windows 8 beta are late summer, fall.

The leaked Windows 8 build was build M1 (milestone 1). It will be interesting to see if build M2 or M3 will include some anti-piracy tools or new ways to prevent that the activation hacks work. It’s quite surprising how fast the crackers cracked the Windows 8 activation / expiration. But considering that Windows 8 M1 is still using a lot of core parts of Windows 7 it was only a matter of time.

Published: Sunday, April 17th, 2011 Last Modified: April 17, 2011

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