DirectX12 Announced For PC And Mobile Platforms

One of the more eagerly anticipated announcements during this week’s Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, was going to be from Microsoft. On Thursday, Microsoft un-lifted the veil off of DirectX12, which is its new graphics API that will power tablet, PC, and mobile platforms.

DirectX12 is the latest graphics API set of tools for developers, and is something that Microsoft has had in development for some time. It enables richer scenes, more objects, and a full utilization of modern graphics GPU hardware, and should make for exciting games in the future.

Microsoft Shows Off DirectX 12 To Developers With Efficient CPU Usage On Thursday

Multi-Thread Scaling Plus CPU utilization

The biggest updates to DirectX12 involves the 3DMark, which measures performance benchmarking on hardware and devices. With the latest improvements to DirectX12, Microsoft was able to improve CPU utilization by 50 percent, and make the threads in the CPU work more efficiently. All of these make for better gaming.

The overhauling of the API from Microsoft will give game developers amazing new ways to program in the future, and make sure that the API is refreshed often. They detail a set of three different areas that the API has been overhauled. From pipeline state representation, work submission, and resource access.

Microsoft Shows Off Graphics Power Of DirectX12 During GDC Event In San Francisco

Three Main Changes To API Done

In the pipeline state objects, Microsoft was able to unify much of the pipeline state into immutable pipeline state objects, and those only then become finalized upon creation. These make sure that the hardware takes over, and that the GPU does much of the work as well. This all equates to more efficient programming from Microsoft to developers.

Microsoft also has come up with command lists and bundles that address the GPU, and make sure that the levels of pre-computation occur in the hardware. Lastly, Direct3D 12 makes sure that performance is increased via descriptor heaps and tables. These allow for faster rendering of objects, less buffering, and fast responses. The combination of all of these new tools and graphics API overhauls will make sure that DirectX12 is a successful project from Microsoft as it slowly rolls out later this year.

Developers have been waiting on DirectX12, and now they have it. It’s a ways away from powering games, but it’s a great set of tools for developers from Microsoft.

Published: Friday, March 21st, 2014 Last Modified: March 21, 2014

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