DirectX 11 Benchmarks Plus 3DMark 2013 Benchmarking

Unigine Corp has released a DirectX 11 benchmark called “Heaven”. This benchmark makes use of the Unigine engine.
Previous benchmarks from Unigine Corp “Sanctuary” and “Tropics” are pretty popular amongst overclockers.

DirectX 11 Benchmark

New 2013 Benchmarking Tool Update:

A new year is here – time to find a new benchmarking tool:

Cloudgate Fancy 3Dmark Demo.png

If you’re looking for a good tool to benchmark ANY device you own, including Androids, iPads and Windows 8 tablets, download 3DMark 2013 edition

Unigine Heaven Benchmark

The benchmark tool not only has awesome graphics, it’s also highly interactive. You can explore the virtual world by flying/walking through it.

In order to run the benchmark on your PC, you will need the .NET framework 2.0, OpenAL and the latest drivers for your graphic card (NVidia | ATI). Of course, you will also need a DirectX11 graphic card!

According to, the DirectX11 benchmark is using the latest tesselation technology.

What is tesselation?
In simple words, tessellation will make things look more “rounded” and smoother:

Unigine “Heaven” Video

Want to see DirectX11 in action? Here we go:

Download DirectX11 Benchmark

You can download the benchmark “Heaven” to run it on your own PC:
Download Unigine Heaven (Make sure to read the requirements before downloading it)

Published: Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 Last Modified: February 13, 2013

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