DICE: XBOX Durango, PS4 Need More Than 2GB RAM For Game-Changing Experiences

Xbox Durango Specs More Than 2 Gb

According to DICE 2GB RAM won’t be enough for next-generation consoles like the XBOX Durango or PS4 to allow game-changing experiences.

DICE say that 2GB of RAM won’t be enough to compete with high-end PCs, want at least 4GB of RAM to achieve Frostbite 2’s full potential in the next-gen

Rumours of next-gen consoles seem to be happening every week, from no disc drive in the next Xbox Durango to the latest Unreal Engine 4 demo no showing its full potential.

At this years Games Developers Conference, DICE won the award for “Best Technology” for its Frostbite 2 engine, which debuted in Battlefield 3 last year. After the award, Joystiq asked DICE’s rendering architect – Johan Andersson – what would be needed on next-gen consoles for Frostbite 2 to compete with high-end PCs.

Andersson said there was an easy answer: “We need lots and lots of processing power.” When asked to clarify on what “lots” of processing power was, he said that 2 gigabytes of RAM would not be enough. However, he said that 4-8 gigabytes would work for the engine.

Engadget also asked Andersson on whether he believed that the specs would be real: “consoles will be rendering internally at 1080p … next-gen units have an even longer journey.” He went to add that because the lifespan of the next-gen consoles will be quite long, more RAM means future-proofing consoles. Considering than consumers can buy 8GB for around $30-40, Andersson reckons the cost of RAM will go under $20.

For reference, the current consoles are rivalling high-end PCs despite have vastly inferior specs: the Xbox 360 had 512 MB or RAM – launching in 2005 – with the PlayStation 3 holding the same amount across two sticks. Games like Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 have produced great looking games despite the ‘poor’ specs.

Game using Frostbite 2?

In the interview with Joystiq, Andersson also said that there are games in development using Frostbite 2, and not a new Battlefield game. He didn’t reveal any, though EA has confirmed that Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Command and Conquer: Generals 2 are using the engine.

Many fans have been waiting to hear whether Mirror’s Edge 2 will use Frostbite 2, or whether it’ll go into development at all, and Andersson said “If we were to build Mirror’s Edge 2, it would use Frostbite 2.”

Published: Wednesday, March 14th, 2012 Last Modified: March 20, 2012

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