Diablo 3’s Latest Problem: Cross-Nation Disputes Due To Global Play

Just when you thought problems couldn’t get worse, they have. Diablo 3 is having cross-nation disputes

Ever had three different demographics arguing over your game? Are they some of the most active gamers in the world?

Diablo 3 Korean players want China to be banned – yes, banned. The reason is because Chinese players are playing the game despite it not being on sale in the country, consequently overloading the Korean servers along with other nations’. Copies of the game are being played through piracy, and by proxy to get on the Korean servers.

Reports are coming in claiming Korean players are trying to drive Chinese players away by swearing at them, which seems slightly uncalled for (remember this is the region where the game was completed in around six hours). Though it is annoying to have people hindering the game experience when they don’t even have access to the game, and I’d totally support Blizzard if they decided to ban IPs. Though I don’t think they will.

Consistent issues

The reason players are allowed to play on Korean servers is because Blizzard introduced Global Play with Diablo 3, meaning servers from the same continent are effectively one. Though it’s not just Korea in the dispute: Taiwanese players have been roped in. So it’s a three-way argument between some of the most active gamers in the world. I’d stay well clear.

Blizzard thus far hasn’t specified how the problem will be tackled, but said it wants to appease all players. Perhaps there will be some warning for Chinese players, and they’ll get banned if found to be illegally playing the game.

It’s a testament to Diablo 3 it’s still managed to generate excitement despite the server issues and reports of gold and item stealing. Sever issues were numerous, too: 3003 errors stopped players from logging in. Reports also surfaced of accounts being hacked – or “bought,” as one hacker said – with items and gold stolen. Blizzard did assure fans stolen account weren’t being taken outside of using log-in details, which is reassuring. Right?

Players undecided on Diablo 3 can get the Starter Edition for free, though need to know someone who bought the full copy of the title. Guest passes are given out, allowing players to experience Act 1. The Starter Edition will be available all players in June.

Published: Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 Last Modified: May 29, 2012

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