Diablo 3’s Auction House Goes Live, Currently Stateside Exclusive

Diablo 3 Auction House Goes Live

If you’re not Living in America, then you’re going to be sitting out the launch.

Diablo 3’s auction house brings real money to item-buying, and it’s live in the U.S

One complaint against Blizzard was the lack of a real-money auction house at launch, which seemed to be pushed back due to Diablo 3’s many log-in errors and safety issues, and stolen accounts were raided of gold. Now, Blizzard thinks they’ve got this: the Diablo 3 auction house is open in the U.S.

And only the U.S., unfortunately, along with the Australian dollar and Mixican peso. For Europeans and those in other American regions – yes, they do exist – well, you’l have to wait. Blizzard has issued the customary service-is-coming-in-the-near-future line, and said it is launching the auction house separately to ensure a smooth experience. Evidently, the company is learning from launching Diablo 3 in every region simultaneously. That’s not a good idea when your game has been building hype for over a decade.

Accessing the auction house is pretty simple, just click Auction House on the left side of the campaign screen. Then, click the current button on the right-hand side which switches between gold and real money. Just don’t get the two confused.

Now Blizzard Is Talking About Security?

Also, the auction house is usable only when in your home region. That’s tied to your Battle.net account, and the country you selected when signing up. If you’re like me and got a code from a person stateside, then you’re in a different region versus your home region. Who cares about spending real money on virtual items anyway?

Blizzard is also requiring users to enable added levels of security for auction house users, including the Authenticator or Mobile Authenticator – for using a Battle.net balance – and the Battle.net SMS service when using PayPal. The SMS includes a code, which has to be entered to complete the transaction.

Other features, like Commodities, are not yet in but Blizzard said selling and buying non-equipment items will be implemented. Some transactions will be temporarily halted while reviewed, but that’s a rarity.

I’m not sure the Auction House is something I’ll be using, because I’ve never really bought the idea of paying real money for virtual items.

Published: Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 Last Modified: June 13, 2012

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