Diablo 3 Players Getting Refunds, Have To Be Below Level 40

Diablo 3 Player Get Refund
Diablo 3 players can now request refunds from Blizzard if their characters is below level 40, after the company previous refused refunds.

After a drawn-out process, Diablo 3 players can now apply for refunds for the games they are below level 40

Around May, an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission said that Blizzard couldn’t refused refunds as Korean law states players in the region are entitled to refunds along as the issue prompting the refund isn’t consumer-caused. Server errors, account hacking and Chinese players entering servers via proxy are not consumer-caused issues.

A post on the Korean blog of Blizzard said players below level 40 could apply for a refund from June 25 to July 3, while player who had characters below level 20 could apply for refunds within 14 days of buying Diablo. That means players who have been playing constantly from the May 15 launch are probably past level 40.

Severs issues had been errors such as 3003 errors, which stopped players from logging in. Accounts hacks caused gold and items to be stolen, while Chinese players got Korean copies of the game and player on their servers despite the game not being available in China. That caused an outrage from Korean players, and downtime because servers became overpopulated which then had a knock-on effect worldwide.

Unhappy? Leave

Diablo 3 is heavily based around collecting loot from enemies and items in the world, and clicking to move and fight. The replay value comes from playing through the game on each difficulty – the highest is Nightmare – while some players earn money through the Real Money Auction House, or player vs player combat.

The Real Money Auction House is just that: an auction house where players sell items and weapons for real cash, or credits for a Battle.net account. The value of items can change, though, because a patch may nerf a weapons and cause its stats to drop and therefore lose value.

No compensation will be given to players as a result of the downtime, but the refunds are available. Some consumers might feel cheated the windows to get a refund is pretty short. And besides, wouldn’t the gamers who wanted refunds have ditched the game by now? If you don’t like it, don’t play.

Published: Thursday, June 28th, 2012 Last Modified: June 28, 2012

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