Diablo 3: New Trailer Shows Follower System

A new trailer has been released that demos the new follower system in Diablo 3. Check it out after the break.

Diablo 3 Follower System

Diablo 3 “Follower” Trailer

Release Date: Tentatively the third quarter of 2011, but possibly not until 2012

When it comes to creating a computer game that is sure to turn to gold and please its players, Blizzard seems to have a flawless record with games such as WoW and Starcfact and its latest successes with the Diablo franchise. Up on the release table next is Diablo 3 which fans have been waiting on for a great deal of time. While Blizzard has been busy keeping its fans guessing with just little tidbits, now a new trailer from the company offers a few glimpses of what is to come soon.

New follower system shown in trailer

Gamers have been given a lot to look forward to such as rumors about the console release of the game and not just a PC release however there are still plenty of details and spoilers that Diablo fans have been hoping to see released. One of the morsels that have been released include a follower system that may rework the way that mastery is reached throughout the popular role playing game which can be seen in-depth by watching the new trailer which almost talks viewers through the new system.

Exploring the Follower system

According to what the trailer has to offer, it seems as if the new follower system will allow players to recruit aides to come along with them for both company, more intrigue, and to help them fight off the many enemies that are guaranteed to follow all players of Diablo 3 throughout all of the games. The followers also all seem to have some type of magical ability that will come in the form of the scoundrel, enchantress, and of course a few more gems that introduce more strategy into the game.

Will Diablo 3 be worth it?

Although a beta set is said to launch in the autumn, many people are already wondering if Blizzard will be able to make Diablo 3 appeal to its many fans. However, the company seems sure of this fact as they announced that it will steal users and players away from the World of Warcraft franchise with all of its intricacies and new strategies. Until the actual release though, excited fans will just have to wait until the next trailer release to see more about what is to come.

Published: Sunday, May 15th, 2011 Last Modified: May 15, 2011

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