Go Godmode With The Latest Diablo 3 Bug, Available Now

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Diablo 3 has been exploited, probably not for the final time, as players can go permanently invincible in about five seconds. Blizzard, currently, has not issued an official response or patch.

Struggling on Nightmare mode in Diablo 3? Got invulnerable, forever

Blizzard has, and continues to have, its share of issues with Diablo 3. It’s been investigated by the International Trade Commission for breaking Korean law, illegal copies of the game have been bought in China, and players were paying for free items and then realized the cost of the item is over $100. Now, you can go invincible, from the push of a couple of buttons.

Posted on YouTube and the Diablo 3 official forums, it’s surprising the exploit hasn’t been discovered sooner. It’s easy, providing players have the Teleport and Archon skills: hover the mouse over your character, select Teleport and then Archon simultaneously. You’ll enter into a floating animation surrounded by a purple hue, and even after the state ends you’re invincible. Walk up to a mob to see.

The Diablo 3 thread – seven pages long, currently – is from users confirming the exploit. It seems exploits and hacks can’t be posted on the official forum though; instead, Blizzard’s general policy is to be e-mailed. It seems like an essential fix, and a user posted he defeated Diablo, the end-game boss, three times using the exploit.

Bigger Issues For Blizzard, Not Fixed

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Talking of end-game content, Blizzard recently posted on its forums saying they were working on adding to the end-game content. However, that will come a while after the 1.1 update. Some users have criticized the lack of satisfying end-game content, basically resorting to playing the game or farming for the Real Money Auction House.

The Real Money Auction House is exactly what is describes: an auction house for selling in-game items for real money. Sounds great, apart from items are listed for free and users get charged over $140. Or Blizzard takes a 15 percent cut for fees going through PayPal.

Blizzard has lost players from Diablo 3, despite the unprecedented demand for the title in May this year. That’s down to the lack of end-game content, and little reason to keep playing after the game is completed. Playing the same content isn’t fun.

Published: Monday, July 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: July 23, 2012

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